Intrax Replacement Cam-Tube Assembly

 Cam Tube

Part # CS28890

  • Fully Machined ID Bushing surface
  • Comes with plate and seals


PROLOAD Chain Binders


Canadian Industrial Design No. 185772  
U.S. Patent No. D909840


Our Part # LB51638 


  • Longer, offset, forged handle for more leverage when closing
  • Will not snap closed on the hand, straight handles can do that
  • When open, geometry allows handle to stand upright when attaching to the chain on a log bundle wrapper
  • 1" round ball on end of handle to stop hands and wet gloves from slipping off when closing
  • Forged in chain hook for easy, positive locking of the handle. Traditional method is to wrap the chain around the handle or use a separate wire restraint


Slack Blocks